In HDI, we practice our core values to live, learn, and love at all times. We care so much about our people including our employees, partners, clients, enterprisers, and everyone who is part of HDI. But of course, this wouldn’t all be possible without the help and hard work of our dedicated employees.

HDI always puts the welfare of the people at top priority because we believe that they are our greatest asset and we keep on improving and building our workplace culture for them.

One new practice that our Chairman, Brandon Chia would like to start, is calling each other by our first names. This practice promotes equality and transparency in the workplace.

Addressing colleagues by first name has become a standard in many companies now. And this move has given several advantages that improved and made the workplace culture better.

First, it’s good for all. Addressing your colleagues by their first name establishes a warm and friendly environment. Second, it gives accessibility. Having someone call you “boss”, “madam”, or “sir” might make you feel that you are in authority. But if you want a more open culture, being called by your first name diminishes the thought of hierarchy, but, it also doesn’t mean you are respected less. Lastly, it sets a positive tone. Being called on by your first name means that the people you work with are comfortable with you and establishes a more open relationship.