Most companies today focus only on profit. It is always about how much more they can earn, year after year. Although profit is important in sustaining our organization, it is not what we value the most. From day one, we have always been about people. Our goal is to instill in individuals the values of LIVE, LEARN and LOVE; to help them work towards a better life for themselves and their families.

Inspiring a world where people live, learn and love beyond themselves.

Our businesses are learning environments that inspire people to better themselves and their communities.

We help provide opportunities, health and guidance to those who are striving for a better life.

Our Values


We are passionate about living life to the fullest with honesty and integrity at our core. We prioritize health, family and relationships because we understand that life is not about acquiring; life is about making a difference in the world we live in.


The joy of learning keeps us passionate and motivated. We challenge ourselves to think better, do better and be better in every way, every day. This mindset across our organization keeps us experimenting and striving for continuous improvement.


We choose to love ourselves, those around us and even those beyond us. It binds us as a family and makes things so much easier when we work and play. A genuine hug goes a long way in telling someone that he or she is appreciated and loved.


By driving the continuous cycle of Live to Learn, Learn to Love and Love to Live, we evolve rapidly to become better. Through our actions, morals and values, we want to inspire those around us to also live, learn and love beyond themselves

Life at HDI

In HDI, we believe in creating learning environments for our people to grow. To do that, we provide them with the right tools and atmosphere. We make sure that provisions for work enable employees to be productive and engaged.
But more than the physical office set-up, we perpetually seek new ways to create a fun and positive work environment. We hold activities and events to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy time with each other, to bond and to bring out each other’s creativity.