Last December 13, 2019, HDI Philippines celebrated its Christmas Party at the HDI Hive Sports Center with the theme, HDI Light-Create.

From 2018’s HDI Shine, this time, HDI wants that version of themselves to be light and be the light on how they can be a character of solution and believe that everyone in HDI can be a main character of the HDI story by lightening up the solution and being the light towards creating new experiences together as one HDI family.

The party began with an opening prayer by Siberius Domingo followed by the very moving Christmas ID that made most of the employees emotional. Our Chairman and CEO, Brandon Chia, went on stage teary-eyed before delivering a heart-felt message for the whole HDI family.

The party’s highlight is the loyalty awardees where employees who stayed with HDI for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years were recognized. This part of the program aims to inspire other HDI employees to stay with HDI purposefully.

Our Chairman Emeritus, Peter Chia, shared with HDI Philippines inspiring stories and message that everyone should do all things with heart and with God. Because with God, anything is possible.

After all the inspiring parts of the program, there were special presentations from new managers and new hires which made everyone laughed their hearts out.

The party’s overall message is to live and enjoy your life, and always remember that your purpose will always be more than what you think.