Sponsorships & Sports Affiliations

Through the years, HDI has sponsored many atheletes and Olympians. Notable personalities such as “Asia’s Track Queen” Lydia De Vega, “Asia’s Long Jump Queen” Elma Muros, The Living Proof author and senior record-setting marathoner Noel Johnson and “Malaysian Diving Princesses” Pandelela Rinong and Leong Mun Yee have attributed their athletic prowess to our bee products. HDI is also the only health food company that has consistently sponsored the Olympic Committee of Malaysia (OCM) since 1990.

Lydia De Vega (1989)
Asian Track Queen

1989 Lydia de Vega Mercado

Official Health Food Sponsor for Olympic Council of Malaysia (1991-present)

300px Olympic Council of Malaysia logo.svg

Elma Muros (1992)
Philippines Long Jump Queen

Sponsorship Elma Muros

Alvin Patrimonio (2001)
Philippines Basketball Star

2002 Alvin Patrimonio

Sports Affiliations

KONI, Indonesia National Sport Committee

KONI logo

Olympic Council of Malaysia 

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POC, Philippines

Philippine Olympic Committee logo.svg