Social Network Marketing

HDI is a social network marketing organisation that gives individuals an opportunity to learn and develop entrepreneurship skills through its wide range of premium bee based nutritional, skincare, personal care and home care products. HDI’s businesses are designed with the goal of giving back to society by imparting life skills, supporting education initiatives and helping the underprivileged.

What is Social Network Marketing?

Social Network Marketing is a consumer-to-consumer distribution platform based on a combination of relationship referral and direct selling. It gives individuals the opportunity to better themselves and benefit their communities at the same time.

The HDI Difference

We focus on the “social aspect” of community building – we want people to feel empowered, acknowledged and loved. Whether our enterprisers choose to be consumers, to market our products or aggressively pursue their business goals, there’s always a place for everyone here at HDI.

HDI Enterprisers

Traditionally, individuals that are part of this business model are known as distributors. At HDI however, they don’t just distribute, they are recognized as ENTERPRISERS for their entrepreneurial spirit, passion and ability to create opportunities.