Sekolah Selamat Pagi Indonesia

In 2003, HDI and participating enterprisers embarked on Vision 2010, an initiative to to establish a school and dormitory for orphans. This milestone was achieved through the efforts of everyone involved: the enterprisers donated a percentage of their earnings to help build the school in Batu Malang, Indonesia while HDI donated the land. Known as Sekolah Selamat Pagi Indonesia today, this unique institution goes above and beyond the standard school curriculum to teach life skills such as farming, entrepreneurship and personal development. It also frequently arranges for overseas trips to expose students to different sights and cultures. It is currently managed by HDI enterprisers under the Billionaires group and its 150 students run the school’s day to day activities. Sekolah Selamat Pagi Indonesia has also evolved into a theme park for families, catering to corporate training events and providing guest house accommodation. It has plans to expand further in the future.

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