Propoelix is the result of an extensive 8 year research program by HDI, aided by world renowned propolis expert Dr. Vassya Bankova. It is a proprietary extract of propolis specifically designed to act as an immunomodulator due to its potency and bioavailability. Clinical trials have shown that Propoelix® is a highly effective support therapy for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, cancer and HIV/Aids.



Propoelix® is a proprietary extract of ultra concentrated propolis “superblend”. Daily consumption of Propoelix® can dramatically boost overall immunity. It is especially recommended for individuals with a poor immune system. Propoelix® has no known side effects.

Propoelix® Plus

propoelix plus

Propoelix® Plus is a combination of potent propolis extract and the extracts of lingzhi, maitake & shiitake. It is highly recommended for those undergoing chemotherapy, and those diagnosed with immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases.

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