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Peter Chia

Founding father and Chairman Emeritus of the HDI Family of Companies, Peter Chia has been an inspiration to millions of people all over the world. A humble beginning with no business background, he was driven to start HDI to provide for his family. He spent the next 20 years building HDI up from scratch to what it has become today.

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Brandon Chia
Chairman and CEO

Brandon is the 2nd generation to lead the HDI Family of Companies. Having first joined HDI in 2005 as its International Operations Manager, Brandon took over the running of the Philippines Business Group in 2007 and was formally appointed as Chairman and CEO of the HDI Family of Companies in 2012.

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Su-Mae Chia
Key Leader, Regional Marketing

Su-Mae is part of the 2nd generation to join HDI. Previously a practising corporate lawyer, she came onboard in 2015 to spearhead the launch of BSKIN, HDI's cutting edge skincare line. She currently runs HDI’s Regional Marketing division while also serving as BSKIN’s brand ambassador.

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Ng Swee Lian
Key Leader, Regional Coordination

Swee Lian is one of the longest-serving employees of HDI having joined the company in 1987. She has overseen the growth and expansion of HDI since it started in Singapore more than 30 years ago and current manages operations in all the countries HDI has business in.

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Ellen Suwardi
Key Leader Enterprise Channel Indonesia

Ellen has been working with HDI Indonesia since February 2004. She started her career in HDI as a temporary employee while waiting for her degree, and has since risen through the ranks. She now handles four departments: Enterprise Relations, Events Management, Center Management, and Warehouse Affairs. Her job requires her to build good relationships with all Enterprisers, and to give them a "WOW" experience at all HDI events. In addition, she also oversees the operations of 150 centers in Indonesia, and also ensures all products are delivered promptly and in good condition to centers throughout the country.

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Hoe Jia Ming
Senior Team Leader Singapore

Hoe Jia Ming has been with Macroserve Singapore since 1997 and is currently holding the position of Operations Manager. She handles all the administrative and operational matters of HDI. She liaises with  product suppliers in multiple countries and product registration specialists and colleagues in various offices to ensure that licenses, permits and other logistics are well-managed. 

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Tan Kwai Ling
Key Leader Finance Singapore

Tan Kwai Ling has been with HDI Family since January 2017 and bring with her a vast financial experience in financial, auditing and taxation matters. She will work with all the financial teams in the region to bring HDI to the next level of expertise.

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Darmo Castillo
HDI Philippines Country Manager, President & General Manager, HDI Admix / HDI Stopovers / HDI Adventures

Darmo joined HDI in 1998, left in 2004 to work in mainstream advertising, and returned in 2006. Under his leadership, HDI Admix, HDI’s out-of-home (OOH) advertising subsidiary in the Philippines, has grown to beome one of the country’s largest OOH companies with hundreds of millions in annual bookings. He was appointed as Country Head of HDI’s Philippines operations in 2017.

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Raoul Buencuchillo
VP, Sales, HDI Philippines

Raoul has been HDI Systech's vice president for sales and marketing since 2014. Since the formation of the Technical Working Group, however, he has taken on a more active role in other HDI subsidiaries as a consultant. His vast experience in sales, marketing, operations, and networking has resulted in a more agile business.

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Aurora Pinuela
General Manager, HROD, HDI Philippines

Au started in HDI as a senior organizational development (OD) and training manager in HDI Resource. She moved to HDI Admix in 2015 to manage the company's newly formed OD division. Today, she heads the design and implementation of both HR and OD programs in all HDI subsidiaries.

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George Cabo Cheng
President, HDI Securities, Inc.

George joined HDI in 2004 and is currently the President of HDI Securities, Inc. George has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. With his guidance, the company attained an overall industry ranking of 31st place in 2014.

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Athena Gonzales
CPA, Finance Controller, HDI Philippines

Athena has over 14 years of experience in accounting, auditing, taxation, and finance in numerous companies before moving to HDI in 2010. She has been instrumental in strengthening the company's controls and policies, allowing it to expand further and take on long-term projects.