Our HR Philosophy

HDI has always been about people. Here, you will be at the center of our current and future HR initiatives under our employee PHASES program. PHASES represents the stages of your work life that is anchored on our core values, technology, and our indelible view that people are our greatest asset.

4 phases:


Finding the right person for the job is looking beyond eligibility and suitability. What we look for are those who appreciate our culture and share our values.


We set the tone of professionalism and warmth by giving our new hires a positive welcoming of being formally part of the HDI Family.


We make it to a point that regardless of position or length of stay in the company, our people would feel appreciated as our valued asset in the organization.


Although we want to work with you for as long as possible, we know that employees do come and go. So we make sure we part ways happily and even help prepare you for a career after HDI.

our people phases model min


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