HDI Mark of Quality

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HDI takes immense pride in its products. In 2014, it created the official HDI Mark of Quality. When consumers purchase any HDI product with this mark, they can be assured that it has been made with the utmost love and care together with the greatest respect for all people and religions.

In fact, HDI conducts periodic inspections to ensure its products are manufactured to the highest quality without compromise, handled carefully with all ingredients tested at their source and final formulations stable over extended periods of time.

Each product with the HDI Mark of Quality guarantees that the product has met HDI’s stringent standards.

  • Manufacturing facility inspection
  • Detailed audit on the manufacturing process of each product
  • Setting the tolerances and standards for quality control
  • Ingredient inspection and verification (source, handling and storage)
  • Process inspection
  • Final product output standard verification
  • Extended stability testing
  • Proper distribution/storage to manage quality and freshness of the products
  • Working with governments to ensure 100% documentary compliance in the importation and distribution of all products

  • Manufacturing Standards Organisations

    Current Good Manufacturing Practice

    Current Good Manufacturing Practice

    HALAL Certified

    m halal

    HALAL Certified


    HALAL Certified


    HALAL Certified


    International Standards Organization


    Food and Drug Regulators

    Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan Republik Indonesia


    Food and Drug Administration Philippines

    fda ph

    Ministry of Health Malaysia


    US Food and Drug Administration

    fda us