All Natural, Scientifically Applied Philosophy (ANSA)

To solidify its position as the leader in the bee-based health supplement and skincare industry, HDI adopts the ANSA philosophy which stands for and guarantees that its products are “All Natural, and Scientifically Applied”. Instead of using synthetic drugs to provide temporary relief for ailments and illnesses, HDI’s all natural supplements are able to boost your body’s ability to heal and renew itself, resulting in long term benefits.

Bee Products: “Nature’s Most Perfect Food”

For the past 24 years, HDI has been doing research on different natural substances, with its key focus on bee products. Rich in vitamins, minerals, important amino acids and other essential nutrients, bee products are natural and easily absorbed by the human body. Support from an initially skeptical medical community is growing. Doctors, scientists and professors around the world are conducting clinical studies on the benefits of bee products. Interestingly, up to now, scientists are still not able to identify all the components of the various bee products and therefore cannot artificially create these gifts from nature.

Scientifically Applied to Benefit You

HDI is one of the few companies in the world that has done clinical trials based on its natural bee supplements. Scientifically applied, HDI products are able to invigorate, replenish and revitalize cells in your body to provide it an opportunity to not only heal but also to renew.