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Work from Home tips during COVID-19

To ensure the safety and health of employees, most private companies have observed the work from home setup as instructed by the government. Some of us might be newbies to this setup and some might find it challenging too.
But who doesn’t want the comfort of working inside our own homes, right? Others may feel that this is what they have always wanted, and some might be more comfortable and focused when they are in the office. There are, indeed, pros and cons in a work from home setup. But one thing’s for sure, we are all enjoying the extra time we have now instead of time wasted being stuck in traffic, right?
Here are some tips for you to slay and stay productive while working from home:

1. Start your day right
Build a morning routine that will help you boost your energy for the entire day. Get up early, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, have a cup of your favorite coffee (make that an HDI coffee – wink) and take a good shower. Whatever your morning routine is, do everything that will help you stay productive for work. Make the most out of your mornings and don’t forget to take potent supplements to n help boost your immune system, like Propoelix.

2. Plan your day well
Always update your to-do list every morning to review your priorities for the day. Monitor your tasks and deadlines to make sure your deliverables are on time. Having a list of tasks can help you focus on one project instead of jumping to another without having it accomplished. Seeing your accomplishments in a day will bring a sense of fulfillment!

3. Follow your work hours
It is tempting to start your day late, but one tip to make you productive is to follow your official office hours. Having you and your team working in the same hours will help you communicate and collaborate better. Following your work hours might also be an opportunity for you to develop the value of discipline!

4. Build a workspace
Pick the best and right spot for you to work at home. As much as possible, make the vibe feel as like you are working in your office. What’s good about this is you can always rearrange and decorate your workspace to your desired mood for the day. Avoid setting up a workspace where you can see your bed for it may cause a distraction (like the thought of napping). Make sure that you have your work essentials in your space for you to be productive the whole day.

5. Dress appropriately
Remember, “dress for success”. Working on your pajamas might kill your productivity. Dressing appropriately will get you in the right mindset for work and who knows that there might be an urgent video conference call from your boss, right? Dress for work as if you were in the office – wear makeup, put on your best tie, or whatever makes you productive and comfortable to get you going.

6. Stay connected
Make sure to check in with your team regularly and always be available online. There might be urgent requests from you so always keep your phone or laptop open.

7. Take short breaks
Take advantage of having full access to your kitchen to grab your favorite snack! Research has shown that taking short breaks can boost the level of productivity and creativity. Just make sure to get back to work on time.

8. Avoid social media
We all know that social media is a huge time-eater. You might be spending more time on social media than sleeping or working. You might want to consider muting your social media applications to help you stay focused on work. The use of social media might be a reward for you to help you finish your tasks.

9. Avoid your family, too
There might be unintentional distractions and interruptions from your family members when you are working at home. Talk to your family and clear boundaries during your work hours. After work, you can be there for your family right away.

10. Reward yourself
If you think that this is an easy way to help you accomplish your deliverables, then do it. Have a 10-minute break, do stretching, play with your pet, or whatever that will help you be eager to finish your tasks. Rewarding yourself can help you get things done and feel fulfilled.